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Boazii University - Garanti Cultural Center (North Campus)

Symposium will take place at Boazii University, Garanti Cultural Center (Uaksavar Campus) on Monday, July the 11th,2011.

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Shuttle transfer will be available between 07.45am and 8:00am, departing from the main entrance of Istanbul Expo Center (Competition Venue). The last shuttle will depart strictly at 08.00am, so please plan to arrive early to the departure location.

Important note for morning session poster presenters
An additional small bus will leave at 07.30am for the Symposium Venue. One person from each poster paper in the morning session and one person for each RoboCup project poster should take this bus and start setting their posters up before the first invited talk.

Transport from Istanbul Atatrk Airport to Conference Center

By taxi (costs about 35 TL / € 19 / $ 25 between 6:00 am and midnight) Taxis are available outside the airport terminal.
The journey from Istanbul Atatrk Airport to Bogazii University takes about 30-45 minutes (if there is no major traffic jam which is not unusual for Istanbul).

By Hava
From the airport, you can take the Hava Shuttle Services to Akmerkez Shopping Center, Etiler (which is close to the university) and from Akmerkez a taxi to the campus which costs about 10 TL.
You may also come to Taksim by Hava Shuttle Services.

Transport from Taksim to Boazii University
From Taksim you may take a taxi to the campus which costs about 20 - 25 TL.Taksim is the center of the city's transportation network, with buses, subways and dolmu coming in from various destinations of the city. In Taksim you can reach historical, cultural and entertainment centers in a walking distance. Many good restaurants and hotels are situated around the Taksim Square. The buses "59R umelihisarst and "559R Rumelihisarst from Taksim Square go directly to Rumelihisarst.

Municipal buses (red or green) require tickets which must be purchased before boarding.
Private buses, Halk Otobsleri, (blue and green) also accept cash. You can use also AKBL's or "smart tickets that can be purchased at ticket boots.
These are used almost like a phone card having prepaid credits.
AKBL's are available at Hisarst, Taksim, Beikta, ili or Mecidiyeky, the bus stop next to the entrance of the South Campus of Bogazii University.

The detailed address as follows;

Address: Boazii University Bebek (North Campus)
Sehit Cengiz Topel Caddesi , Kuzey Kamps , Garanti Kltr Merkezi
Istanbul 34342 Turkey
Phone: +90 212 359 71 42


Click here to see a map of the Conference Center


From the South to the North Campus

The walking is possibble between the two campuses which is pleasant, with a wonderful view. It will take about 5 minutes from one entrance to other.

You can use bus, boat and taxi to go to downtown. You can use two roads to go to town

Upper road: From Rumeli Hisarst virtually all buses go to Taksim, Beikta , ili, Kabata, Kadky (in Asian side of the Bosphorus) and Saryer. All of them go through Etiler and Levent.
Lower, Coastal Road: This is the line for either Taksim or Kabata via Bebek and Beikta. In order to go to the north of the city, (Saryer), lower road can be used.

Your most frequent bus ride routes would likely to be Hisarst to Taksim (559C), Hisarst to Kabata (43R), Hisarst to ili (59R), Hisarst to Saryer (59RS), Hisarst to Kadky (125), Bebek to Taksim (40 and 40T) and Bebek to Kabata (22, 22RE and 25E). There are two kinds of buses available for public transportation.

If you have any doubts about the destination of any bus, you can check the signs which are normally posted at the front and on the sides. They show all the major stops along the route that the bus is following.

You can visit to get more information about public transportation www.iett.gov.tr/en/index.php

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