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RoboCupJunior is a project-oriented educational initiative for students up to the age of 19. It is a new and exciting way to understand science and technology through hands-on experiences with electronics, hardware and software. RoboCupJunior also offers oportunities to learn about teamwork while sharing ideas with friends. The development of study materials and innovative teaching methods are among RoboCupJunior's aims.

All students are welcome to join this competition, regardless of their experience in robotics.

Age Regulations

RoboCupJunior is targeted for primary and secondary school students. There is no fixed minimum age, but primary students are expected to be able to read (and hence write programs for their robots) on their own, without significant help from adult mentors. Students over age 19 are not allowed on RoboCupJunior teams. The division between the primary and secondary age categories is 14 years old. Teams with all student members age 14 and under are considered primary. Teams with any student member over age 14 must be secondary. Declaration day is the 1st of July.

RoboCupJunior comprises soccer, dance, and rescue challenges.

For more information, please check the league's official wiki: http://wiki.robocup.org/wiki/Junior

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