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The Istanbul Expo Center covers the WTCI's largest exhibition area. The exhibition center covers a 97.000m2 area of the total 500.000m2 area of the WTCI. By taking Turkish exhibition organizations beyond world standards, the Istanbul World Trade Center kick-started the aim of making Istanbul the capital of the exhibition world and currently plays host to approximately 100 exhibitions each year.

In connection with the WTCI, the exhibitions organized at the Istanbul Expo Center attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, which open up new markets and new opportunities for thousands of companies.

The Istanbul Expo Center is in close proximity to the airport and main road networks, has a metro stop and an extended parking facilities and together with its landscaping and excellent infrastructure, the World Trade Center, has become an attractive center.

WTCI aims to contribute the development of Turkish exhibition sector with fair competition understanding and make Istanbul the capital of world fair sector, as well as promoting the ability of private enterprise to represent Turkish economy in world arena and to move them towards new horizons with services in fair sector.

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stanbul Dnya Ticaret Merkezi 34149 Yeilky stanbul


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