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This dormitory contains double-occupancy, single, triple, and quadruple rooms in each floor which is equipped with bathrooms and showers. However, some rooms has its own bathrooms and showers. The dorm is equipped with a laundry room, a cafeteria, a lounge with a TV, billiards and play-stations. It is possible to reach the public transportation by walk.

  • All rooms are non air-conditioned, each of which is provided with a writing table, a chair, a drawer, bookshelves and a full-height wardrobe.
  • Each room is also provided with one set of white coloured bedsheet, blanket, pillow and pillow case during the period of stay.
  • Wireless Internet access and phone-services are available in each room.

  • Students are recommended to bring their own towels.
  • Breakfast and housekeeping services are included.


  • There is a 5 minutes walking distance from the Kavram Dorms to the Florya metrobus station.
  • The irinevler metrobus station is just 3 stations away from the Florya metrobus station, which is a drivetime of aprox. 7 minutes. There is a overpass from the metrobus station to the metro station.

  • Take the next metro to the airport direction to reach the Istanbul Expo Center.
  • There are only 2 metro stations from the irinevler metro station to the Istanbul Expo Center metro station, a drivetime of aprox. 4 minutes.
  • The Istanbul Expo Center is just in front of the Expo Center metro station.
  • The total transportation time from the Kavram Dorms to the Istanbul Expo Center is aprox. 20 minutes.
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