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Papers Accepted for Oral Presentation

  • Mohammad Norouzi, Freek De Bruijn and Jaime Valls Miro. Planning Stable Paths for Urban Search and Rescue Robots.
  • Joerg Stueckler and Sven Behnke. Compliant Task-Space Control with Back-Drivable Servo Actuators.
  • Colin Graf and Thomas Rfer. A Center of Mass Observing 3D-LIPM Gait for the RoboCup Standard Platform League Humanoid.
  • Joo Cunha, Nuno Lau and Joo Rodrigues. Ball Interception Behaviour in Robotic Soccer.
  • Oliver Urbann, Stefan Czarnetzki and Sren Kerner. Rigid and Soft Body Simulation Featuring Realistic Walk Behaviour.
  • Christian A. Mueller, Nico Hochgeschwender and Paul G. Ploeger. Towards Robust Object Categorization for Mobile Robots with Combination of Classifiers.
  • Saskia Metzler, Matthias Nieuwenhuisen and Sven Behnke. Learning Visual Obstacle Detection Using Color Histogram Features.
  • Eran Sadeh-Or and Gal Kaminka. AnySURF: Flexible Local Features Computation.
  • Aris Valtazanos and Subramanian Ramamoorthy. Online motion planning for multi-robot interaction using composable reachable sets.
  • Feng Xue, Xiaoping Chen, Jinsu Liu and Daniele Nardi. Real Time Biped Walking Gait Pattern Generator for a Real Robot.
  • Andreas Schmitz, Marcell Missura and Sven Behnke. Real-Time Trajectory Generation by Offline Footstep Planning for a Humanoid Soccer Robot.
  • Hamid Moballegh, Naja Von Schmude and Raul Rojas. Gradient Vector Griding: An Approach to Shape-based Object Detection in RoboCup Scenarios.

Papers Accepted for Poster Presentation

Morning Session
  1. Stefan Czarnetzki, Gregor Jochmann, Soeren Kerner and Oliver Urbann. Efficient Multi-Hypotheses Unscented Kalman Filtering for Robust Localization.
  2. Romn Marchant, Pablo Guerrero and Javier Ruiz Del Solar. A Portable Ground-Truth System Based On A Laser Sensor.
  3. Masaru Okaya and Tomoichi Takahashi. Proposal for Everywhere Evacuation Simulation System.
  4. Thomas Whelan, Sonja Stdli, John Mcdonald and Richard Middleton. Line Point Registration: A Technique For Enhancing Robot Localization in a Soccer Environment.
  5. José Antonio lvarez Ruiz. Learning to Discriminate Text from Synthetic Data.
  6. Justin Stoecker and Ubbo Visser. RoboViz: Programmable Visualization for Simulated Soccer.
  7. Tiago Nascimento, Hugo Alves, André Gustavo Scolari Conceio, Fernando Fontes and Antnio Paulo Moreira. A Generic Framework for Multi-Robot Formation Control.
  8. Dirk Holz. Real-Time Plane Segmentation using RGB-D Cameras.
  9. Gil Lopes and A Fernando Ribeiro. Catadioptric system optimisation for omnidirectional Robocup MSL robots.
  10. Trenthan Owen, Rebecca Hillier and Darwin Lau. Smooth Path Planning Around Elliptical Obstacles using Potential Flow for Non-Holonomic Robots.
  11. Aris Valtazanos and Subramanian Ramamoorthy. NaOISIS: A 3-D behavioural simulator for the NAO humanoid robot.
  12. Geovanny R., Giorgana and Paul G. Ploeger. Facial Expression Recognition for Domestic Service Robots.
  13. Susana Brandao, Manuela Veloso and Joo Paulo Costeira. Fast Object Detection By Regression in Robot Soccer.
  14. Christopher Stanton, Edward Ratanasena, Sajjad Haider and Mary-Anne Williams. Perceiving forces, bumps and touches from proprioceptive expectations.
  15. Stephan Gspandl, Michael Reip, Andreas Hechenblaickner, Mté Wolfram and Christoph Zehentner. The Ontology Lifecycle in RoboCup: Population From Text and Execution.
  16. Shokoofeh Pourmehr and Chitra Dadkhah. An Overview on Opponent Modeling in RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D.

Evening Session
  1. Soeren Kerner, Stefan Czarnetzki, Daniel Hauschildt and Oliver Urbann. Multi Body Kalman Filtering with Articulation Constraints for Humanoid Robot Pose and Motion Estimation.
  2. Ricardo Dodds, Luca Iocchi, Pablo Guerrero and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar. Benchmarks for Robotic Soccer Vision.
  3. Jose I Figueroa, Luis A Contreras and Abel Pacheco. Development of an object recognition and location system using Microsoft Kinect(TM) sensor .
  4. Valiallah Monajjemi, Ali Koochakzadeh and Saeed Shiry Ghidary. grSim - RoboCup Small Size Robot Soccer Simulator.
  5. Ernesto Torres and Leonardo Garrido. Automated generation of CPG-based locomotion for robot Nao.
  6. Valerio Lattarulo and Sander G Van Dijk. Application of the "Alliance Algorithm" to Energy Constrained Gait Optimization.
  7. Taro Inagaki, Akeru Ishikawa, Kazuhito Murakami and Tadashi Naruse. Robust algorithm for safety region computation and its application to defense strategy for RoboCup SSL.
  8. Matthias Nieuwenhuisen, Ricarda Steffens and Sven Behnke. Local Multiresolution Path Planning in Soccer Games Based on Projected Intentions.
  9. A Fernando Ribeiro, Gil Lopes, Bruno Pereira, Joao Silva, Paulo Ribeiro, Joao Costa, Sergio Silva, Joao Rodrigues and Paulo Trigueiros. Robot Orientation with Histograms on MSL.
  10. Piyush Khandelwal and Peter Stone. A low cost ground truth detection system for RoboCup.
  11. Tijn Van Der Zant. Adaptivity on the robot brain architecture level using reinforcement learning.
  12. Timothy Wiley, Matthew Mcgill, Adam Milstein, Rudino Salleh and Claude Sammut. Spatial Correlation of Multi-Sensor Features for Autonomous Victim Identification.
  13. Brian Coltin, Joydeep Biswas, Dean Pomerleau and Manuela Veloso. Effective Semi-autonomous Telepresence.
  14. Anton Bogdanovych, Chris Stanton, Xun Wang and Mary-Anne Williams. Real-Time Human-Robot Interactive Coaching System with Full-Body Control Interface.
  15. Lus Oliveira and Luis Almeida. A Loose Synchronisation Protocol for Managing RF Ranging in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.
  16. Hugo Silva, André Dias, José Almeida, Alfredo Martins and Eduardo Silva. Real-Time 3D Ball Trajectory Estimation for RoboCup Middle Size League using a Single Camera.
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