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Logistics Services


Visitors may bring an unlimited amount of Turkish or foreign currency with them into Turkey, but they may take out of the country only $ 5000 or other currencies in cash equal to this amount.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Turkish or foreign money to other countries through banks. Jewelry made of precious stones or metals that is not valued at more than $15000 and is not intended for commercial uses may be brought in and out of the country.

Duty-free allowance: 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams of tobacco; up to 7 bottles of spirit, 70cc. each, of which not more than three bottles can be of the same kind.

Antiques and electronic equipment will be registered in the owners passport upon arrival and checked at exit.

It is strictly forbidden to take antiques out of the country. For this is reason it is necessary to obtain a certificate for carpets or other valuables purchased in the country as proof that it is not an antique.




Please note that if the hand-carried items are detained by the customs office,

-         the paperwork for releasing the items would take at least 6 hours, and at most 1-1.5 business days..

-         DO NOT make any payment or sign any papers, and immediately get in touch with Schenker.

-         The customs procedures will be applicable, and the paperwork would have a cost of at least EUR 250.

-         In order to minimize the risk of detention, the following documents should be brought along with the items:

-         Ata Carnet (The wording "Schenker Arkas Nak. Tic. A.S." should be written in the section B. (Appendix ATA Muster)

-         An original copy of additional Power of Attorney, certified by the Chamber of Commerce, should also be brought.

-         If no Ata Carnet is prepared, it is necessary to prepare an invoice. (The wording "Schenker Arkas Nak. Tic. A.S." should be written in the section Receiver. (Appendix: Draft Invoice)

-         Relevant bank guarantee and cash guarantee will be required in temporary import, made by the invoice. These items are paid by Schenker Arkas, and are then charged to the customer afterward. The entire procedure may take 1.5 business days.


We kindly ask you to advise your service provider to pre-alert our logistic partner, Schenker Arkas in advance.
Please kindly note that Turkish Customs offices are operating Monday Friday  between 09:00 (a.m.) 16:30 (p.m).

Please also consider to send out your equipment early enough not to have the risk being late!


In the event that the goods in the accompany of the passenger arrive late in the activity, neither the LOC nor Schenker shall accept any responsibility pertaining there to.


Please download " Shipping Instructions " File in order to have a detailed information.

Please click here to download Draft Invoice (Permanent) .

Please click here to download Draft Invoice (Temporary).

Please click here to download Ata Carnet Sample.


Contact Details

Cokun Bilen - Department Manager

Phone              : +90 (0) 212 465 61 45/5281

E-mail              : Coskun.bilen@schenkerarkas.com.tr

Sinan Akyol - Department Chief

Phone              : +90 (0) 212 465 61 45/5288

E-mail              : Sinan.akyol@schenkerarkas.com.tr

Serta Yolcu - Customer Representative

Phone              : +90 (0) 212 465 61 45/5276

E-mail              : Sertac.yolcu@schenkerarkas.com.tr

Evren Ebe - Customer Representative

Phone              : +90 (0) 212 465 61 45/5273

E-mail              : evren.esbe@schenkerarkas.com.tr



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