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There are few events that match the complexity of RoboCup. It is both a venue for artificial intelligence and intelligent robotics research and a display of the advancements in a format visible for people who are not experts, and allows them to share the enthusiasm of the researchers. Initially with a focus on robotic soccer and a goal of having a team of robots having a match with a human team in 2050 and winning, the competition now has leagues also for rescue, @home, and logistics. There are also competitions for junior students. Seeing the advancements in the leagues each year as 2050 becomes a closer date, our hope in meeting the challenge increases more.

RoboCup 2011 will be in Istanbul which as the only city that resides on two continents is the ideal place for such an event.

We welcome everybody to share the enthusiasm of advanced intelligent robotics research in a beautiful city with many cultures and has been the capital of many civilizations.

Prof. H. Levent AKIN

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